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Banana Bread on a Rainy Day

banana bread

Here in Northern California we are either living through or anticipating a huge rainstorm. This is a rather interesting event to contemplate because, frankly, we have been in a drought for years.  Any thoughts that we are still in this drought have been dispelled by the high amount of rainfall we have received this season.

I was hoping to go up north to Redding this weekend, however, I cancelled in anticipation of bad weather up there.  Good call since it actually snowed and parts of Highway 5 were only accessible if you had chains.  This is a highly unusual event for that area.

So it was rainy outside – and I really don’t have anyplace to go this weekend, which is great. I decided to pull some frozen bananas out of the freezer and made some banana muffins.  Usually I put vegan chocolate chips in them, but I skipped it this time.  I thought about putting in walnuts, but since these were going to be shared with others, I decided to skip that, too. Not everyone likes nuts in their muffins.

When I make banana bread, I use this recipe from, Banana Banana Bread. I use Bob’s Red Mill egg replacer for the eggs and Earth Balance margarine for the butter. This recipe  always comes out fine. The texture is cake like and has a nice light banana flavor.

This recipe makes about 18 cupcake size muffins. They don’t grow much from the size they are when you put them in the muffin cup, maybe 25% more.

I love my little silicon cupcake cups.  Unlike regular metal pans, these are easy to store – I just stack them. Here is the Banana Banana Bread Muffins recipe without the eggs.

cups all-purpose flour
teaspoon baking soda
teaspoon salt
 cup margarine
cup brown sugar
2 egg replacement eggs
2 1⁄3 
cups mashed and overripe bananas

Mix the margarine and sugar, then add the eggs and bananas.  Make sure all the wet ingredients are fully incorporated.

In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients.

Pour the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Scoop into muffin cups, cupcake cups, or a loaf pan and bake at 350. The amount of time that these take will depend on how big your baking container is.  The small ones take about 20 minutes. Loaves will take longer. They are done when you can put a knife into the bread and it comes out clean.

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