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Crispy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

In case you didn’t notice, October is Pumpkin Month. We started a little early with putting up a vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe, but what the heck.

Since you are already buying or growing pumpkins, here is a recipe that I liked for making pumpkin seeds.

I watched several of these videos and here are the conclusions that I came to.

  • Putting the seeds and pulp in water helps separate them
  • Pre-treating the seeds (either by oven drying, as in this video) or boiling in salted water, helps make them crisper after you are done cooking.
  • If you do pre-boil the seeds, the seeds, dry them by sprinkling them in one layer on a tea towel and then rolling the towel up to absorb the moisture.
  • You can use any sort of squash seeds, not just pumpkin, for the same delicious results.
  • Instead of salt, many people use sugar and cinnamon to roast their seeds.
  • Since my kids are grown, I am not aware of new pumpkin carving technologies. I had no idea that there were punch tools (such as indicated in this video) for making pumpkin carving so much easier. I used to struggle with a knife. It was a nightmare.

If you are not attached to Halloween and Jack O Lanterns, let me give you a pro tip. The very best day to get a fresh pumpkin at a great price is November 1. Just to to your local grocery store and look around. The value of pumpkins drop exponentially the day after Halloween. I bought a huge Cinderella pumpkin last year for something like $2. I had lots of pumpkin seeds, plus I cut up the pumpkin, cooked it down, froze it, and used it for pumpkin breads and soup all winter long.

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