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Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

I’ve watched several roasted chickpea videos and looked at a fair amount of recipes online.  I chose this video for a couple of reasons.

  • It looked delicious
  • The recipe is in the video instead of in the description
  • She describes how she processes dry chickpeas in the crockpot and then freezes them for later (you can use canned ones, too).

So I liked it.  A couple of things – although she uses foil, I don’t recommend it.  I use parchment paper. Recently I got silpat type silicone mats at Costco so now I can use those and be done with parchment paper for most baking and roasting.

BTW, if you are considering purchasing silpat type mats, either at Costco or anyplace else, do double check how hot they can go.  The ones I purchased can go up to 42o degrees in the oven. This is important information because sometimes folks roast at a higher temperature than that and you could inadvertently ruin your mat.

When I was looking at roasted chickpea recipes, I noticed one difference. Some people put the coating on before they roast them (as did the cook in this video) and some put the coating on afterwards.  I think that because this particular recipe had sugar in it, putting the coating on before roasting probably allowed the sugar to cook and carmelize.

In this video, the cook uses Indian-style spices.  I have also seen recipes that use salt and cayenne pepper, or smoky paprika. All recipe authors suggested lining the pan with either foil, parchment paper, or something, as they will end up sticking and making a mess on your pan.

These can be eaten straight, but would probably also be fantastic in a salad, used like croutons on soup, or as part of a stirfry, etc.

From recipes that I have looked at online, roasted chickpeas are best eaten on the same day you make them.

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