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Vegan Groceries on a Budget at Grocery Outlet

Frozen hamburgers

Due to a freeway fire and closure of the northbound lane for awhile, the town I live in was choked with traffic in all directions. Commuters jumped off the freeway at the first exit, drove through town and left at the last exit. It was pretty impossible to get anywhere, so , as I had planned to go grocery shopping anyway, I decided to drop in on Grocery Outlet, which was the closest store to where I already was. As usual, I walked out of there with all sorts of vegan treats, including some really good spreads and vegetables, which I will feature in another posting, as it was part of an appetizer platter that I brought to a friend’s dinner.

Grocery Outlet is kind of warehouse looking. They buy surpluses and sell them at a discount. So you never know what you are going to find there. When shopping, I always check the expiration, because sometimes their items have a short shelf life. I have purchased Earth Balance margarine at huge discounts, hummus, vegan pesto, non-dairy milk, and all sorts of great – and often name-brand – items there, including organic produce, at really discounted prices.

This last trip, I was able to get vegan burgers, vegan chik’n patties, and a new and unfamiliar product, the chipotle vegetable empanada, all at a fraction of their regular price.

They also have cooking supplies, storage containers of all sizes, and kitchen tools, also at bargain prices.

Because they buy surplus, it is never the same store twice.  If you see something you like, get it. It might not be there the next time.

I went online to see if anyone else realized what a great place Grocery Outlet was for finding vegan food and lo and behold, ecovegangal made a video about finding vegan groceries on a budget at Grocery Outlet. Here it is. Check out Grocery Outlet and see if there is a store near you at

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